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Did you know we are all born with a specific skin type? Overtime we can acquire many different skin conditions that may compromise our skin. Have you struggled with trying to find the right product or treatment for you? I am here to help give insight and support you through this process. As I understand myself that it can be very frustrating with all the various amount of information out there. My goal is to help educate you about your skin, listen to your specific needs, and assure that you feel completely comfortable and see that together we get the results you need. Your first initial appointment will be your Consultation. Almost like a first date. Which includes us sitting down together, discussing your skin history and what you would like to accomplish with your skin. I would expect that all my new clients would want to get to know the person who will be working on their skin…right? I complete a very thorough Skin Analysis that includes a Balancing Express Facial, where afterwards we can discuss together with my professional opinion which treatments would be best suited for your skin needs. Let’s establish what I call the Personalized Relationship with your skin.

A little introduction

About me

The greatest gift a person can give you is their trust. This is something I have learned to be true, especially the relationship between myself and your skin. When I decided to change my career path years ago, I was fortunate enough to have the experience of working with women for about 10 years. What I’ve learned throughout that time is that we are strong, vibrant, intelligent individuals who need eachother.

Educational Facials

I started seeing Tonya at Sweet Expressions MediSpa from the very beginning. Unfortunately with being in the aesthetic field myself, I don’t have much time to get in as regularly as I want, but when I do, I enjoy facials, I have had a few laser treatments with results already and I am now onto photofacials which I love. Watching the lift off of my skin like Tonya explains is pretty incredible. She explains everything in full detail and is always on top of me for looking after my skin. Tonya knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to skin.

– Shannon L. Bowmanville, ON

My Facial (Skin Therapy) Experience

My facial experience with Tonya has been amazing. It is relaxing as well as very beneficial. Tonya is extremely professional and explains everything in detail. I look forward to every visit.

– Nicole Mooney, Whitby, ON

One of the Best!

Tonya is one of the best skin therapist’s I know, she makes what we all find so complicated, so easy to understand! She truly has a passion and loves what she does, and it shows! On top of her knowledge, her prices are so affordable!!! As a medical esthetician I understand how difficult it is to get that perfect skin we all want, Tonya is my “go to girl” when even I need advice! Highly recommend Sweet Expression MediSpa!

– Vanessa B. Port Perry, ON

First Time

I just had microdermabrasion done for the first time! My skin looks and feels great!!

– Melissa A. Bowmanville, ON

Tonya is wonderful

Tonya is wonderful…she is very knowledgeable, professional, and will give you an amazing skin treatment guaranteed!! She has helped transform my skin and I couldn’t be happier with the results!!! I’m a client for life!!

– Pauline V. Bowmanville, ON

My First Facial

This was my very first facial when l went to Sweet Expressions MediSpa. Tonya made me feel at ease and relaxed, she walked me though every process. It was such a wonderful experience and my skin never looked better. Tonya is very knowledgeable and you can tell she loves her job. She gave me tips on how to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. I will 100% be back and always turn to Sweet Expressions MediSpa for all my skin care needs…Thank you Tonya!

– Amy S. Bowmanville, ON

Suffering from Melasma

I have been a client of Sweet Expression MediSpa’s from the beginning. Suffering from Melasma after having my son who is 5, I have relied on makeup to cover the pigmented areas. Since I started to see Tonya, she has managed to lift the darkened areas on my skin enough so that they are barely noticeable. Thanks Tonya!

– Darcy D. Bowmanville, ON

Quality Equipment & Product

Tonya provides me with excellent service. She is knowledgeable, prepared and professional. Sweet Expressions MediSpa also uses quality equipment and products! Frequently I seek her advice and Tonya researches my issues and provides me with different options or solutions. I feel very comfortable in her care and would not hesitate to refer my friends to her. In fact, I’ve done just that. All in all, I am more than satisfied with the services I receive and have no plans to stop seeing Tonya/Sweet Expressions MediSpa for my skin care needs.Thanks Tonya!

– Everett L.

Beginner’s Luck

I’m definitely not one for taking care of my skin. I work in construction and I work 12 hours 6 days a week sometimes. Not only has Tonya helped ease me into looking after my skin and explained why I need to use professional products on my skin, but she has been extremely knowledgeable when it comes to razor burn, dry skin, sun damage to specific laser treatments. I always feel very relaxed and at ease in her MediSpa and Tonya seems to be in her element whenever I am in her care. She’s great at what she does. I am definitely a client of Sweet Expression MediSpa for life.

– Brad C. Bowmanville, ON

I Give This Woman 5 Stars!

I came to sweet expressions medispa to have laser hair removal, i was embarrassed and shy and this beautiful woman is so sweet and so far from judgmental!! I go to my appointments now knowing that I’m going to have a nice relaxing time and a good conversation!! She actually cares about her clients and will explain anything your unsure of. I give this amazing woman 5 stars.

– J.L. Dias

Totally Worth it!

I was always very hesitant to get laser hair removal. I was afraid it would hurt and didn’t know if it would be worth the cost. Now I wish I had come to see Tonya sooner. From our first meeting she assured me that it was a easy painless process and she was right! It is totally worth it, the results are amazing! Tonya makes my visits fun and always has me laughing.

– Danielle Williams Tompros

I Highly Recommend Her

I wish I had found Tonya a lot sooner than I did! I used to suffer from cystic acne so I had a lot of scarring and redness and I was so self conscious about it that I refused to go into public without makeup. After my first treatment my skin had already started to improve! I have been using Dermaquest for 7 months and I have barely any scarring left and I probably get less than 2 pimples a month. Tonya has transformed my skin and I would highly recommend her!!

– Ellie Abernathy

Extremely Professional

Tonya is the most fabulous girl I have met! Makes me feel so comfortable and is so extremely professional! Made me realize how much money I was wasting on waxing! If your think of getting lasered she is your girl!!!

– Beck Pearce

Tonya is Great!

Tonya is great! Easy to talk to, very professional and best of all she makes you feel comfortable. I’ve had a chemical peel done and as nervous as I was she talked me through it and the results were amazing. Next will be laser hair removal for me! And Tonya has explained everything I need to know and answered all my questions. She’s honest and cares about each of her clients. I would highly recommended her!

– Jaclyn Harper young

Thank you Tonya!

I started the process of laser hair removal in my underarm area approx. 4 weeks ago and I am THRILLED that after just one treatment I have barely any hair. I do not know why I waited so long to try it. Thank you Tonya!!

– Wendy Aspin Curran

Tonya is the Best!

Tonya is the best! And really knows her stuff! Highly recommend her to anyone!

– Jen Robins

Great Results!

Great results! I have only had two laser hair removal treatments on my legs (knee down) and so far I barely have any hair left! Not only is Tonya a lovely person, she is a great aesthetician. So glad I signed up for laser hair with sweet expressions! 5/5!

– Jamie Kate

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If you have never seen Chrysoprase in person let me tell you, it can be captivating. It can be opaque with flecks in its green/ lemonish colour. This is a stone of love & truth and is said to promote personal intuition. If you are looking to draw out that creative thinking and those raw talents waiting to be awoken inside of you, maybe you should look at a Chrysoprase. This is a very calming stone. One that wants you to toss that ego aside and throw those behaviours aside that are no longer serving you. 
Chrysoprase is known to create strong detoxification. Helping metals to be released out of the body. It increases the absorption of Vitamin C. There are numerous health related issues that Chrysoprase can help assist with. 
Do you own a Chrysoprase? If so, where do you wear it/ place it?
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💡💡💡💡DID YOU KNOW?💡💡💡💡 . Wh 💡💡💡💡DID YOU KNOW?💡💡💡💡
When making the decision to look into Laser Hair Removal, there are many different factors to be considered before taking the plunge.
Most people focus on the cost per session and make that their defining factor. However, what they may not be looking at is the bigger picture; how many sessions they will need to see the overall success they are expecting, and what are those expectations?
Many times, I see that people have either been misinformed or misled to how many sessions they will require to see a realistic outcome. If you have had Laser Hair Removal and been told it only takes 4 sessions or you have gone for 30 treatments, unfortunately something has been miscommunicated between you and your Laser Technician.
It is okay to ask questions! Communicate. It is also okay if you and your girlfriend who also had Laser Hair Removal do not progress at the same hair reduction schedule. REMEMBER: We are all unique and different. If we were the same it would be a boring world! So don't compare yourself to others. And PLEASE don't ask for advice from others on social media who are not qualified or educated on topics of Advanced Skin Care. Come to us professionals, that's what we are here for. We are more than happy to help 🥰.
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